Are meals provided?

Yes. We provide breakfast, lunch and tea. All meals are freshly prepared on site daily. Please see our nutrition and menu section.

Do you accept childcare vouchers and the government funding scheme?

We accept all childcare vouchers schemes. Please see our fees and funding section for a list of some of the childcare providers we regularly work with.We accept the government funding scheme of 15 hours per week and subject to availability and eligibility the 30 hours scheme. Please call to enquire further.

Are parents allowed to use their mobile phones whilst on the premises?

No. Mobile phones are not permitted on the premises.

Is smoking permitted in the nursery?

No, we have a no smoking policy. If you do smoke you must do so off the nursery grounds.

Do I still have to pay the fees if I’m on holiday?

Yes. All fees apply throughout the year regardless of absences, as we still have the running costs of the nursery.

Do you charge for Christmas when you are closed?

No. We only close for 2 weeks of the year at Christmas and we do not charge any fees for this period.

Do you have an administration fee?

We charge a non-refundable registration fee of £20.00 which is payable to one of our chosen charities: the ‘A.A.F’.

Do you have a settling period for my child?

Yes. A new environment can be a daunting experience for a child. Your child will immediately be assigned a key worker to aid the transitional period. Please see our ‘settling in’ section for more details.

If I’m late picking up, is there a fee?

Parents must inform us at the earliest point if they feel they are going to be late picking up their child. For children collected after the scheduled time there is a fee of £1 per minute. Please note this charge goes to the charity AAF and not the setting.

Am I allowed to bring food into the nursery?

Due to allergies and intolerances, we strictly forbid food to be brought into the nursery. If it’s your child’s birthday or a special event we allow cakes to be brought in. However they must be nut free. We obviously prefer home baked cakes to shop bought.

If I decide to leave, is there a notice period?

Yes, there is a 6-week notice period in writing to end the contract.

Are your staff available for babysitting or transporting my child to and from another setting?

With regards to transporting a child from one setting to another (say where a child does mornings at Rosemount and afternoons at another setting) this is strictly forbidden as our Licence and insurance does not allow for it. The staff members are strictly on Rosemount employment. Some members of staff do offer babysitting, and parents are free to ask a member of staff, however this would be an agreement between the staff member and the parent. Rosemount Pre-school Nursery Limited does not accept any liability for this service.